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Go backstage, behind the wheel, and to class with Gary... he might be fishing, cooking, reading, playing with the cat, or hiking. Gary invites you to join him on the road and behind the scenes.

Hear what people are saying!

"Man it’s good to have you back Gary. That voice is like no other and we’ve missed it. No one else can sing like you.”
Ricky Skaggs

"Gary Morris is the ultimate singer. When he sings a lyric it reaches your heart and you actually believe that song applies to you. What an incredible gift he has.”
Bill Carter, TV Producer & Entertainment Attorney

"Gary Morris sounds better now than he did when I first produced him – if that’s possible.”
Norro Wilson, Producer and Songwriter

"It was magical. It was one of those special times cherished forever.”
Tom Bedell, Owner Bedell & Breedlove Guitars

"I've been trying to figure out how to describe the music event I attended last night. All I can come up with is - Gary Morris reminded me what I got into the biz for - the music. I've been in the music biz for 25 years, and have lived in Nashville for 20 years, and last night was the best night of music I've experienced in this town. Just Gary and his guitar - that's all a song needs.”
Sunny Stephens, Management/Booking/PR for EG Kight at Blue South Talent

"You want to get immersed in a fine voice – listen to Gary Morris sing. . . Friday night I was immersed in his music at the Country Music Hall of Fame in a packed auditorium with fans who drove many miles to see and hear him, not to mention some of the powerhouses in music. . . right here and now. I could have listened all night. “His voice is as masterful as ever, sharing power and tenderness in companion notes that pulse in words.”
Jacque Hillman, Entertainment Editor – The Jackson Sun (Gannett)

"The MasterClass with Gary Morris was insightful, interesting, and challenging to our students and staff. Mr. Morris' enthusiasm and interest in our program and our students really made this a highlight of our year. Getting the chance to perform on stage with him for his Christmas concert was an experience that our students will remember and appreciate for years to come. Gary's kindness to us and his graciousness in allowing us to participate in this event meant so much to us, and we were honored to be a part of such a wonderful event with such a talented performer."
Brian Hill, Director of Renaissance Theatre, Bethel University

“Gary Morris is back.”
Chuck Dauphin, Billboard

“In this day of neon-lit, painfully loud and brazenly overproduced concerts, what pure bliss it was to watch country and Broadway superstar Gary Morris… just a man with a glorious voice, a couple of guitars and an utterly entranced audience.”
Joy Tipping, Dallas Morning News

“This is the enigma that is Gary Morris. He has a voice that carries him to the heights of vocal performance…He is one of those rare performers who can take his audience to that enlightened place where only great actors, singers, and dreamers go.”
Caroll Lucas, Hill n’ Holler

"Starry Nights is proud to welcome back an artist who has thrilled our audiences with one of the most extraordinary voices in the music industry - country music and Broadway star Gary Morris . . . Gary will be making a stop in Sisters as part of his national tour, presenting his extraordinary concert of Christmas music which has earned him rave reviews across the country."
Sisters Schools Foundation, Sisters OR

"The voice of country singing legend Gary Morris never fails to awaken a listener's heart and soul. The Blackfoot Performing Arts Center is privileged to have Gary Morris on stage to kick off the 2011-2012 concert series season."
Blackfoot Performing Arts Center, Blackfoot Idaho

"Gary Morris adds a new song . . . a riveting ballad, 'Faith and Freedom,' the title cut from a new album coming out later this month."
Vernell Hackett, The Boot, AOL

"This is spellbinding and transfixing! Gary is really peerless in his voice and it is distinctively his."
Dabney Coors, Memphis TN

"Tears are streaming down my face...Gary did a beautiful job! God is good."
Mary Cowan, Half Moon Bay, CA

"Gary Morris' voice is so good – because within 3 syllables you know it is he. It has no equal."
Jacque Hillman, Entertainment Editor, The Jackson Sun

"Gary Morris, one of the finest American voices, sings from the heart as he espouses the great American ideals."
Norbert Putnam, Award-winning Record Producer

"Gary's music is heartwarming and inspirational. His willingness to give aid and comfort to those who defend our great nation is truly patriotism at its best! His latest release proves his heart is with those brave few troops, who go where needed to defend our freedoms and liberty. I know how important and uplifting his message is to our military and their families."
Colonel Jim Harding, USAF (Ret)

"...There are voices that transcend seasons and settings. Gary Morris has one of those voices."
Dallas Morning News

"Thank you for such a needed and well delivered tribute for so many. May we never forget the ongoing sacrifices of those for the freedom of us all."
Brenda Valentine, The First Lady of Hunting

"It's been said that "his voice is like that of an angel", and he shows it . . ."
Rudy, KSLI 1290 Abilene

"The chorus speaks the loudest with such a clear devotion: "Faith and freedom, side by side . . . Morris' words encourage, strengthen and comfort our nation and display the true meaning of patriotism. "Faith and Freedom" is a great message that will surely lift the spirits of the men and women of our armed services . . ."
Nicole Swanson, The Celebrity Cafe

"Gary Morris sang with us for the troops who had just returned from the Gulf War and their families... comforted and strengthened the thousands of already strong American hearts present that night. This great Patriot did his part to make America better then, and with this new release he does so again, today. Not all heroes are in uniform. Thanks, Gary!"
Philip C. Chevallard, Lt Col, USAF (Ret) Commander/Conductor of The USAF Academy Band

"I don't know anybody anywhere that sings better than Gary Morris. He's magic on stage . . . Gary Morris is captivating!"
Gerry House, (WSIX Radio Personality) Nashville

"Gary ...Great to see you still scoring big!!"
Danny Davis, Clear Channel

"Gary Morris . . . reminded the audience how he dominated country radio and conquered Broadway with that incredible voice."
Deborah Evans – Price, The Boot, AOL

"WOW! What a voice. Brought a tear to my eye - even before I finished my coffee."
Bev Macsherry, Murfreesboro TN

"Good night, folks all over the House are standing and applauding! What a voice. What singer would want to follow Gary Morris, it would be like a teaspoon following a bulldozer."
Grand Ole Opry Announcer (August 5, 2011)