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Go backstage, behind the wheel, and to class with Gary... he might be fishing, cooking, reading, playing with the cat, or hiking. Gary invites you to join him on the road and behind the scenes.

Gary Morris


TO BE HELD JULY 1-7, 2018

Mountain Spirit Ranch is located in one of the premier fly-fishing areas in the United States. For several years Gary has opened its doors to our Veterans suffering from PTSD and disabilities where he has taught them the art of fly-fishing and making flies, along with the healing properties of the outdoors and the beautiful Navajo River.

You can arrive on either Sunday, July 1st, or Monday, July 2nd. The workshop will begin on Tuesday, July 3rd, and departure will be on Saturday, July 7th. Celebrate the 4th of July at the Ranch and enjoy the majestic mountains and the beautiful lodge.

Booking is on a first come/first served basis. The workshop is exclusively for women to receive instruction, and only women will be permitted to attend the sessions and fish. Each participant has the option to bring a guest for an additional charge. Please note that each room has only one bed. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the lodge, visit the hot springs in nearby Pagosa Springs, or enjoy the outdoors at the Ranch while participants are attending the workshop sessions.

Price includes lodging for six (6) nights, all meals provided, and the workshop. Participants will leave with an introductory fly rod, reel combination with assorted flies and fly box. Deposits are non-refundable and must be paid before June 1st. Balance will be due by June 15th.


Price for Participant                        $3,000.00

Price, plus 1 guest:                           $3,500.00


Temperatures should be in the 70’s during the workshop. Participants will need the following for fishing, in addition to regular travel clothing and personal items:

  • *Footwear: Wading Sandals or Waders
  • *Long sleeve shirt(s) with button down cuffs
  • *Polarized sunglasses
  • *Baseball cap or cap with brim
  • *Sunscreen
  • *Wine, if desired. Whiskey will be available.
  • *Rain jacket, optional